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I Know this pain
May 19, 2017|Books and ReviewsPeoplePoetry


I Know this pain

I Know this pain

I know this pain; with tips of a tired sun
and tiredness of a restless moon
When every candle of memory
and chance of glory
is limited. Broken. Lost. Away.

Darling, here is where I come
To put the bags of pain on a parking bay
Wait, eyes married to the road, waiting
that you’ll drive by, stop , and take me home.

Darling, here is where I have been.

Disillusions. Eyes void with pupils of joy
Disillusions. Efforts and vain.
Darling, this is how people remember me

Ohh please.
What pleases a man more than a heart of love?
Don’t answer me
Darling, save the strength to comfort me!

I know this pain, inked to vein
When loneliness tattoos itself to chest of an African man
creating escarpments to life and faults
You know the rift
Drifting, creeping
into the last crevices of hope.

I know this pain.

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