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This is my nightmare
June 4, 2017|PeoplePoetry


This is my nightmare

This is not a calm jazz that flutes with an eclipse
of sweetening melodies; music that raises a man’s heart
from the nips of its faith
This is a rough metal bass. Chaotic to eardrums, erratic,
erupting to magma of a life interrupted.
See the lava of pains on heat.
____ Come put this madness to sleep !!

This is my nightmare.

I dream

I soar to spores of nothingness

I scream,


I see myself on boardwalks
marred with paprika that shed leafy pains
and fireballs that parade fear in the fields of one’s night
even when you sleep in comfort zones
I see black demons, white demons, latino demons
These pictures are frightening
This is not my album.

I walk to cliffs
Skip trenches of corn spiders
marching on webs of horror
I sprint to nightmares
Ankles twist. Contortion. Ouch.
Back flips
Land on what mother said its called fire
I burn.

It’s a dream

I can’t run

This is my nightmare.

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