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October 3, 2017|PeoplePoetry



Please come in, enter my abandoned house of grief
Lock the doors of fate spying behind you.

Hang your coat over there.

Can I pour you coquito?
Drinks that make men open up their souls
when they feel lost, and their wrists tied
with clocks of ending times
or an indebe of Irish coffee?
cremes that make ordinary Zulu men forget pain

I just want to open up
Let you see the spiderwebs trapping me
these frightening coyotes
that resemble women in oversized callotes
these ghosts with orders ‘shoot to kill’

You know the sound of those mysterious nights
Ones that split through you like heartbreaks
And you bleed, and cry. Break and die
because your life is not an an immortal breed

The nights when all stars are down
So coward of them to take off
And owls are the only pretty birds you can see
and they perk, howling flints and beach pebbles
Plotting to shoot you down
Into graves dug with cops and tip-offs of bleak

man, this devil is killing me

I want to die
get over it
be free
the agony enslaving me

God, please do your thing!

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